Hermit Notebook

Welcome to my notebook !

Welcome to my notebook !

I’m Josuah and this is my notebook. It is a kind of “non-private journal” where you can find:

  • My notes about stuff I learn. Mainly I learn about Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Physics
  • Some tutorials about stuff I do. Maybe I’ll call the section “How I…” (How I… create this website). This will mainly be programming, but why not one day a cooking recipe 😃
  • Stuff I discover and that blew my mind (or I just find interesting). I think I’ll call this category “Did you know…”
  • My thoughts about stuff. I think I’ll call this section “I had a thought…”

You can change the language in the menu (top left button). English and French are available.

Use the search field in the header if you want to retrieve an article you previously read.

When you are reading a post, click the round button with this icon     to access the table of contents. Some short contents may not have headings and thus no table of contents.

Please share you thought’s in the comments at the end of articles.

Hope my content can be useful to you.

Don’t forget that you can left-scroll and right-scroll the long code and math blocks.

See you soon !

Josuah 😃